New news: We are now located at- http://bisonblog.acm.ndsu.nodak.edu
-->What you need to do is go there, sign up for an account, and then I have to "approve" your account info. Signing up for an account automatically signs you up for a blog on the NDSU server. Unfortunately, we don't get to play around with the template much (for example, I'd like to have green and gold on the first page) on the BisonBlog or our individual blogs. However, I am going to make a list, like it is on here, of our student blogs that are on Blogger or Xanga, etc. So, you can keep your original blogs.. and others that sign up can start one on the campus's server.

I'd like to slowly move us all over there and keep up the communication...as well as add new members... *cross fingers* I'll be making posters soon about the BisonBlog. Does anyone have ideas for designs of the posters (it's your blog too)?? Plus, I suppose I should advertise it over Email and maybe in The Spectrum.

In other news: I want to get an iPod too. I think I am going to wait until I have $, however. Just so you all know: Apple is pretty awesome about fixing stuff.



I was thisclose to buying a new 4th Generation iPod... then I started hearing about how some of them have a problem with the headphone jack and the hard drive making noises through the headphones or something. So, I think I have decided to postpone my purchase of one until Apple figures out what is wrong with it. Apparently the problem doesn't affect all iPods, but enough to cause a problem... so I don't know.


Hey guys, long time no post! The board kind of dried up for the summer, but it seems to be getting a bit more activity now.

Sybil and Dave - I'm jealous of you guys because I really miss my days at the Spectrum. It was such a fun job and I had such cool co-workers. And Dave, the section editors actually get paid pretty decent so if you like it, I'd suggest sticking around and applying in the future. It's not hard to work your way up around there.

Helene - are you still moving to Rochester? If so, when? I am in desperate need of a friend down here! I miss the college lifestyle in general. Being in the working class sucks! How's that for eloquent? Hey, does anyone here have an ipod? I want to get one, but I'm not sure if I should wait until something better comes out.

Well, you guys keep me posted on life at NDSU. Reading new posts makes me happy. :)


Dave, that's cool that you are going to be a news writer.... yea, not a lot of people know you get PAID. Some freshman came in today to write for the Sports section, and he was shocked. It's funny to me.

As for advertising the BisonBlog, I need to wait until our server space is set up. Would hate to advertise and then have to move people to a new system right after they get on this one. I am planning on making posters and doing the listserv thing again, but like I said, I am going to wait.

Plus, I am doing another one month study. This one'll be in October. Oooffta.

Helene, I'll be sure to tell Tom you appreciated his TA column.

My class blog for this semester can be found here.

I went into the Spectrum office today to see about writing a column. Sybil wasn't there but the news editor, who happens to have her computer next to the door, managed to snag me. Therefore I am now a news writer. Oh well, perhaps I'll still have time to write an opinion column. Oh yeah, why didn't anybody tell me that they pay people for articles! I would've been on this a long time ago had I known that. It's almost as if getting paid is some sort of well kept secret that only the initiated get to know about. Anyway, I suppose there is some merit in the fact that I wanted to write even if they didn't pay me.

Has anybody notice that Dr. O'Connor looks like Santa Claus? He seems pretty jolly too.

We need to get some advertising out for the Bison Blog; ads in the Spectrum, posters around campus, radio spots, t.v. spots, giant billboards, clothing lines, beaming our blogs directly into peoples brains, then world domination! Muhahahahaha!*cough*

God Bless

Discrete Dave<><
aargh I just lost my entry, grrr. Now I feel lazy and don't want to retype it all. How is everyone doing?
I have been reading journals here and there. I tried to make a comment on one of you guys xanga journal, but they would not let me... Not that what I wanted to say was super interesting, but still I was disappointed. It was about a trip to europe if I remember well.
Hmm I got a couple of ticked off tuesday now that I think of it.

Sybil, give props to the guy that wrote the article about the TAs, we liked it :).


Well, I am about to add all my students to Blogger. This should be a busy semester for me.. three classes AND the Spectrum AND my thesis research. Goodness!

Good luck to all of you this week.. and if you could tell people that the Spectrum needs writers.. and the BisonBlog is always looking for more bloggers... Oh, we SHOULD be on an NDSU server very very very soon. Cool beans, eh?


It's obvious school is about to start when it's impossible to get on web ALFI and what are they doing getting rid of phone ALFI? Bah, I just want to print out my schedule :(

Classes begin tomorrow. I pray everybody else out there at least knows where they have to be.

God Bless

Discrete Dave<><


The downlow on the skinny is this: We may be moving to an NDSU server by next Tuesday. Key word: May. Yup. I'll keep ya'll posted.

My TTGT presentation today about you guys and the BB went well. I was able to answer questions about us in a professional manner (you know, not using the words "stuff" and "things" which I am very good at using), so that was cool. (Oops, I still use words like "cool" too.)

Right now, I am beat. That is really all I know. This summer has flown by so I am trying to capture the laziness of summer any time I can.. a nap here.. some sun there.

Peace out. Stay out of trouble.


Been a little bit since I've been on here. The summer's been a busy one for me, although I'm not quite certain what it was that ate up all of my time, except for work anyway. Only two more days left for me in the Dry Bean lab then I'm free; Whoo-hoo! On Friday heading off to WY with a beutful girl in the seat beside me to visit my mom. I'll be sure to give her the "word" Sybil seems so adamant about. One last bit, if your looking to buy books for college look no further than the stupendous site: bigwords.com

Why is it every time I use the buttons I have to go back to clean up the html?

God Bless

Discrete Dave<><

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